Medical Tourism Singapore:

As a leading healthcare services hub in Asia, the international city of Singapore attracts 200,000 international patients every year. Singapore is a world class, cosmopolitan and culturally vibrant city of grace. It is stable, peaceful and safe. Many international patients place their confidence in Singapore's world class healthcare system, which is at the forefront of medical technology and has safety as its top priority The Singapore Government aims to attract close to a million overseas patients by the year 2012. Singapore known for its reputation at being an extremely clean country aims to compete with neighbouring countries like Thailand and Malaysia to grab a slice out of the medical tourism pie.

Private hospitals are getting onboard with the government program to attract more revenue from medical tourism by slashing prices for tour operators. Rallying behind its medical professionals supposedly among the best in the world Singapore is surely going to impact the competition.

Among the more popular destinations in Singapore for cosmetic surgery is non other than Leslie Kuek's Plastic Surgery clinic. Dr. Kuek's clinic offeres the following services.
Cosmetic Surgery: Face
Cosmetic Surgery: Breast
  • Enlargement
  • Reduction
  • Lifting
  • Nipple reduction
Cosmetic Surgery: Body contouring
Non-surgical rejuvenation
For more details contact:
Dr. Leslie Kuek
6, Napier road,
Gleneagles Medical Center
#03-08, Singapore 258499
Dr. Leslie Kuek's Plastic Surgery
Top rated facilities for medical tourists in Singapore:

Parkway Group Healthcare Medical Referral Centre
The international Medical Referral Centre (MRC) is a service provided by Parkway Group Healthcare for its international patients. It is a call centre that operates a 24-hour hotline and serves as a one-stop service centre that helps patients access specialist expertise, personalised patient care and cutting-edge technology at its hospitals in Singapore. Parkway Group Healthcare, one of Asia's leading healthcare providers, is committed to bringing customers quality service and state-of-the-art facilities. The Group's three hospitals - Mount Elizabeth, Gleneagles and East Shore, are the first private hospitals in Asia Pacific to achieve the ISO 9002 international quality certification, and they have collectively performed one of the largest number of cardiac surgeries and neurosurgeries in the private healthcare sector in the region. With a comprehensive range of specialised tertiary healthcare services under one roof, Parkway Group Healthcare provides total healthcare solutions. The Group also boasts several centres of excellence, where specialist tertiary care can be administered at one centre. These centres provide treatment for a mix of medical conditions and specialties, in areas such as cardiology, andrology, urology and oncology.
For more details contact:
Parkway Group Healthcare
Medical Referral Centre (MRC)
302 Orchard Road
Tong Building #16-01/02/03
Singapore 238862
Tel: (65) 6735 5000 (24-hour hotline)
Fax: (65) 6732 6733
Visit:Parkway Group Healthcare

Raffles International Patients Centre
The Raffles International Patients Centre extends a full range of personalised services to international patients and their accompanying family members. At this one-stop service centre, a dedicated team of professional Patient Relations Officers ensure that every international patient's visit is comfortable, pleasant and hassle-free.As a full service private hospital, Raffles Hospital offers a full complement of specialist services combined with some of the most advanced medical technology.

The hospital also has a host of multi-disciplinary outpatient specialty clinics which include Raffles Specialist Centre, Raffles Aesthetics Centre, Raffles Cancer Centre, Raffles Children's Centre, Raffles Counselling Centre, Raffles DentiCare, Raffles Eye & ENT Centre, Raffles Heart Centre, Raffles Health Screeners, Raffles Internal Medicine Centre, Raffles Japanese Clinic, Raffles Surgery Centre and Raffles Women's Centre.
For more details contact:
Raffles International Patients Centre
Raffles Hospital
585 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188770
Tel: (65) 6311 1666
Fax: (65) 6311 2333
Visit:Raffles International Patients Centre

National Healthcare Group International Patient Liaison Centre
The National Healthcare Group (NHG) International Patient Liaison Centre (IPLC) is located at the National University Hospital (NUH). Well-known in providing acute care services, NUH aims to be an international medical referral centre in the region.
NUH is a 943-bed acute tertiary care hospital and the only university hospital in Singapore. Founded on corporate objectives that focus on patient care, research and education, it strives to provide personalised, specialised, accessible and cost-effective patient care within an environment of intensive research and excellent medical education.
the hospital prides itself on providing tertiary patient care, and is well-known in specialised clinical disciplines including obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery and oncology. NUH is also the only hospital in Singapore that runs a national liver transplant programme. With a total of 21 clinical, three dental and six paramedical departments, as well as numerous specialist outpatient clinics and specialised service centres, NUH has a comprehensive range of services available to meet your needs.
For more details contact:
National Healthcare Group International Patient Liaison Centre
National University Hospital
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119074
Tel: (65) 6779 2777 (24-hour hotline)
Fax: (65) 6777 8065
Visit:National Healthcare Group International Patient Liaison Centre

Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) International Medical Service
The Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) International Medical Service (IMS), situated at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), offers international patients a one-stop service that is totally committed to meeting patients' needs. It is the country's largest acute care tertiary hospital and national referral centre, with more than 1,500 beds and a pool of about 400 specialists. A multi-disciplinary approach to medical care provides patients with ready access to a wide range of specialties and support services.

SGH has a comprehensive range of clinical specialties, with a total of 25 specialty departments and is the national referral centre for Plastic Surgery and Burns, Renal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Pathology and Haematology.
For more details contact:
Singapore Health Services (SingHealth) International Medical Service
Singapore General Hospital
Block 6 Level 1
Outram Road
Singapore 169608
Tel: (65) 6326 5656
Fax: (65) 6326 5900